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Stop Smoking Dartford, quit smoking Kent, Give up smokingin Stratford London, Dartford Hypnotherapist: Hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Dartford, Kent. Hypnotist and hypnotherapist within easy reach of Dartford, Blackheath, Bexley, Sevenoaks, Gravesend, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Stratford East London, all of Kent and Essex.
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 Pure hypnoanalysis in Dartford Kent, Hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Dartford Kent. Treatment for anxiety and stress related conditions, ranging from phobias (including emetophobia), social anxiety, shyness, depression, sexual problems, IBS, through to unwanted habits such as smoking and nail biting. Within easy reach of  Essex, London, Startford, Southend, East London, Leigh on sea, Orpington, Maidstone, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Basildon, Greenhithe, Gravesend, Sidcup, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Pitsea,  Rayleigh, Tonbridge, Orpington, Blackheath,  Brentwood, Billericay, Chelmsford



Please see below a list of some of the testimonials and references sent to us at ELK Hypnotherapy in Dartford and Leigh on Sea Southend, for a variety of symptoms. The testimonials are exactly as our clients sent them except for some names which have been changed to preserve anonymity

ELK Quit Smoking Session

Dear Richard
I would just like to thank you for your excellent service which you provided me. I have been a smoker for over 20 years and I cannot believe that, with your help, this has been possible. I have been a non-smoker for two weeks now. My family and friends cannot believe it and are ecstatic. I would like to thank you again for your fantastic service and I would highly recommend you to anyone.
Robert Orphanides,
Essex Distributions

Hi Richard, you helped me give up smoking 2 weeks ago. I must admit I had doubts on whether hypnotherapy would be successful or not. But 2 weeks on and I am still not smoking and I do not have the urge to.


Hi Richard,

I visited you at the beginning of the summer for a nonsmoking session and I am pleased to tell you I haven’t touched one since or wanted to so thanks.

I am emailing you because my daughters boyfriend has areally bad spider phobia and I would like to help...


ELK Gastric Band Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hi Richard.
Im not sure u remember me but I came to you maybe 2 yrs ago for a virtual gastric band.
Just to let you know with the help of your treatment and sorting my head out I have now managed to loose 4.5 stone in weight and ive stopped smoking. After talking to you I found my addictive personality was far easier to control and did diet and stopped smoking at the same time.
Many thanks for your help money well spent.

Hi Richard

I just wanted to email you to say thank you for the help and support you have given me during the 5 sessions that we had together. Making the decision to contact you at the beginning was quite tough, I didn't have any experience or knowledge of hypnotherapy and wasn't sure what to expect. It was quite a lot of money to spend at the time and I didn't want to put myself in an 'emperors new clothes' type of situation. All I knew was that something had to change and I wanted it to work. I researched the process and success of the 'virtual gastric band' process and decided to go for it although I must admit to being quite nervous.

Right from our first session my eating habits started to change even though I don't think we actually talked about food or how much I ate. We talked about being positive and finding a perspective. Everything you said seemed so obvious and made perfect sense to me. I was able to relate everything back to how I was living my life. I started to make the small changes you suggested and I feel like I have got my old self back. I am happy and positive and people are reacting really well to the change in my attitude. Someone commented that I seemed to 'have a glow about me'. The weight loss almost seems like a bonus now when at the time it was my main reason for seeking help. It is now 4 weeks to the day since I had my 'vitual gastric band fitted'. I haven't used a dinner plate since, all of meals are served on side plates. I'm never hungry and I am definately not on a 'diet' but the weight is coming off. I purposely didn't weigh myself at the beginning or since so I cannot tell you how much weight I have lost and to be honest I don't really care how much. I just know that my clothes are all looser and more comfortable. I feel great, more energy and more confidence, I've even started to wear make up again. 5 weeks ago I went shopping and bought 2 tops, one in the correct size for me at the time and the other a size smaller. When I got home I tried them both on, the smaller one looked awful and clung around my stomach and hips, it has stayed in the carrier bag ever since. On Saturday I tried it on again and it looks perfect, today I am wearing it to work.

This is a life change for me, there will be no going back, I am sure of it. I have tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Aktins and lots of other diets but when the diet stops the weight comes back on. This is not a diet, this is me now. Thank you for helping me recognise that I had it in me to change my situation, I didn't need fad diets I just needed to believe in myself and to learn how to manage my thoughts. I will be eternally greatful and am boring all my friends and family to death about how great you are and how you could help them to!

Thanks once again, Best wishes

Hi could not believe it got on  scales yesterday lost 1 stone . Will cancel my appointment on sat . Thank you for all your help.

ELK Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Insomnia

Hi Richard

Thought i would give you an update and also to say a massive Thank you. Things have been slowly getting better since my last appointment with you i haven't had a panic attack and my insomnia is no more.  My emotional eating doesn't happen i channel it elsewhere, I'm thinking alot more positively, every day i find i find something positive to say about myself no matter how small it is. I'm the zone where nobody can drag me down and its thanks to the hard work you and myself put in thank you once again. 

Many Thanks

I went to see Richard in February with a host of problems which included, insomnia, anxiety/ panic attacks, depression?( its what I was told by a councillor)  , weight gain issues( down to emotional eating) and after Christmas relationship problems.  I went with an open mind and willing to try anything to get the old me back.  He suggested a course of hypo-analysis.  My first session I didn’t know what to expect but I was keen to get the process started, it was very emotional but Richard warned me it would be but I must say that even though it was my first session I felt relieved like some of the emotional weight I was carrying was finally lifting, I knew I was carrying baggage just didn’t know how much.  Week by week progress was being made it was a big emotional release for me and it left me feeling tired but I was feeling better session by session. I cant’ thank Richard enough its been a few months since my final session with him and day by day I feel myself getting stronger and in more control of my emotions, my mind feels like its cleared all the bad crap out and now I’ve started to move all the positive stuff back in, my insomnia is sorted every night is a good night 6 to 8 hours sleep a night big improvement to the 4-5 hours I was getting.  I finally have my emotional eating under control for the first time in my life, stated to exercise again. Everything just seems to falling back into place and it’s down to the hard work Richard and me put in to get me here. Thank you again ….

Insomnia and Anxiety

I was so down when i started the therapy but Richard put me completely at ease. Only a few weeks later i feel a different person! Definitely worth a try.


After suffering a panic attack 10 year ago, I found myself going into social situations worrying that it may happen again. Subsequently this spiralled into a situation where I was avoiding socialising and when I was forced to speak to someone for an extended period I would feel the panic rising and make any excuse to get out of the situation. With my up coming wedding approaching I knew I needed to resolve this once and forall. I was sceptical about getting outside help but decided to give it a go with encouragement from my partner. Over the coming weeks attending sessions with Richard he explained to me the negative thought processes that were causing my anxiety. With this new found understanding I began to build on my positive experiences and within weeks I was seeing a huge imrpovement. I would encourage anyone that is sceptical to give it a try. If I had realised how quickly Richard would help me to overcome my problem, I would have done it years ago. I can't thank him enough. Many thanks Z.

Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Therapy for IBS and Sexual Problems

I had a few different issues in my life I wanted to resolve. After going through every medical test for IBS and finding no solution. Along with some very personal men’s issues (ED/PE), which I also went through various medical tests, but equally to no avail. Eventually these all got to the stage where it felt they were controlling and ruining my life.
So I after reading through the ELK’s website all seemed quite promising. All my issues were listed as being treatable. Being quite a sceptical person, I thought I would try the free consultation and see if I could be helped. (Hey nothing to lose).
After meeting Richard and discussing my major issues, I thought I’d throw in that I had issues with heights. Turns out and initially I had issues believing. ED/PE, IBS and a fear of heights were all the same issue, Anxiety.
Now to be honest I had visions of being laid on a couch, with a watch being waved over my head, and waking up cured. When I was told that I would resolve this myself, my scepticism levels rose. However after having just a couple of sessions I could clearly see, and feel the change in myself.
I now feel so proud of how I have completely changed my life. Richard’s guidance and brilliant way of helping me understand what I needed to do was priceless.
Thank you Richard for all your help. I am so happy in what I have achieved.


Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Hello richard apologies for taking so long to text you my thoughts on therapy and what it has done for me I've had a hectic few weeks. Thank you for what you have helped me achieve. Therapy made me realise that doubting myself in work and in life brought on physical symptoms. And by controlling my thoughts and feelings you have helped me get rid of my anxiety and ibs. I am just getting back to my old self now and I thank you for your guidance and therapy.


ELK Hypnotherapy for Motivation


I hired the services of Richard Brent and ELK Hypnotherapy back in November 2009  at the end of the worst and best year of my life.

I had come off an extremely hard year having lost my job and my confidence along with a ridiculous amount of money. I couldn’t get back on my feet no matter what tried. I was failing ridiculously to establish a relationship with the countless numbers of women I had been “serial” dating. I couldn’t get either my personal life or my professional life to work out. Thankfully after I hired the help of Richard within a few sessions I had started to rapidly turn things around in my favour.

Since my initial consultations with Richard I not only started seeing and successfully establishing a long term relationship with the girl of my dreams I have established a confident and aggressive CV which is now getting me multiples of interviews for the jobs I want ! I can’t thank Richard enough and if the last three months are anything to go by 2010 is going to be amazing!!!

ELK Hypnotherapy for Emetophobia, Vomit Phobia

Hi Richard,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for the last 7 weeks. This has been an amazing journey and feel that I am in a place that I have never been before. When I came to see you abut my emetophobia I was at my lowest I have ever been! The book Thrive has had a huge impact in my life not only with my emetophobia but in my day to day life.
I can now see my future without the day to day worrying about sick!
Big thank you and I will be back for sure, as the hour on the couch is a great way to get perspective on all things challenging in life!
Thanks again
All the best

Firstly I would like to give you a  huge thank you Richard, for giving the Taylor family our lives back again.

I would like to say a little about our experience as a family and as a parent of 13 year old Daughter that has suffered for many years with anxiety  and Emetophobia, and I hope this helps others that are suffering too. With  treatment their lives too can become normal and wonderful again, one which I never thought would be possible as things had got so bad.

We were so desperate for help and tried every avenue, when we came across your details on the web. Our lives as a family had almost come to a holt, with never being able to arrange days out, holidays, or even having friends round as my daughters anxiety and Emetophobia was so bad she would end up making herself sick from the worry and fear of becoming  Ill. She had slept for months on a sofa with endless screaming throughout the night in fear of being sick  and was unable to even get into bed. Life for her was awful which put tremendous  strains on the family,  it was so upsetting, frustrating and exhausting to see and hear her  suffering every day.

From having only 6 family sessions with Richard ,  completely changed my daughters  way of thinking and reasoning. She is now able to answer her own fears with a logical answers and take control of her life again , which was  unheard of. She hardly mentions the word “sick” (which I can’t say I  miss), as her obsession with sickness used to make her talk about it non-stop, literally NON STOP! These sessions with you Richard were fun and we learnt a lot about our daughters thought process which has helped us have a better understanding of her “ illness”  which was priceless. It has completely changed our lives and we are all so grateful for this. To be honest I never thought we would be saying this.

Many thanks,

Emmi, Nick and Sophia

I have suffered with emetophobia for as long as i can remember. I had tried every sort of therapy available, but it never made me feel any better for longer than a day! In desperation one day i thought i'd google "emetophobia cures Essex" and it came up with Richard Brents website www.elkhypnotherapy.co.uk. I read it all for about 30 minutes and decided i couldn't carry on like this anymore, so i called the number. I spoke with Richard and started my therapy straight away. I had 8 sessions in total, and am now well on my way to living a normal-not scared of being sick- life! It was the best and HARDEST thing i have ever done, a few times i really didn't want to carry on with it, but i am so pleased that i did, i feel brilliant. So if you suffer from emetophobia, do it, its hard, but it really will change your life for the better..

I give my permission to publish this, and if you need to change the words around, no problem.

Richard, thanks again. I really mean that.


ELK Hypnotherapy for Children

just wanted to send you an email and thank you so very much for working with D, he is a changed child going back to school he has even joined the Rugby Team, can t believe it, he is more confident and is just having the best time back at school with more friends and joining in more with everything.  I can thank you enough for what you have done for him his self esteem has hit the roof.  Thank you so very very much.

Also just to let you know that J is also excelling after his session with you, his school work has improved and he is now also very very confident.

You also have my permission to put this email onto your website.

Again,  Thanks so very much.
A Mum.

ELK Hypnotherapy for Depression and Commitment Phobia

Commitment Phobia

After suffering with the depression and anxiety speciffically commitment phobia that affected my relationship with my partner I decided upon using hypnotherapy to remedy this. Although I had never been under hypnosis and was at first a little hesitant a completed a number of sessions with Richard Brent. Gradually I started to feel much better and capable of working with my partner to commit to our relationship.

ELK Hypnotherapy for Shy Bladder and Fear of Intimacy

Hi Richard

Time has ticked by so fast that I realised that I had not dropped you a line.

It would be fair to say that my shy bladder is better, not cured but better and i manage it better. One point that has come out of my time with you is that I have begun a relationship with a guy and feel totally at ease with him. This would not have been the case before hypnosis, my guilt would have hindered me.

This was not on the cards when I was working with you but began at the end of August.

It is a very gentle and physical relationship and we are getting to know each other, we stay at each others places and I feel totally happy with that scenario.

Thank you for helping me to feel so comfortable about this which is allowing me to experince something special and also for helping me to pee more often!

Hope all is well with you.

ELK Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety and Blushing

I saw Richard Brent on Saturday for what I expect is the last time.  I said I would write a testimonial for his website, but I think I’ll provide more of a “my story” which I hope will encourage others to explore this type of therapy.
I went to see Richard after years of searching for a “cure” for my “going red problem”.  This was something that had dominated my life for years, and caused me a great deal of anxiety and frustration because I saw it as something that happened to me that I couldn’t stop.   I would go red at the drop of a hat – talking to friends, family, colleagues, shop assistants – everybody!  And God forbid I was the centre of attention – then the red would go supersonic and the sweating would begin – mortifying.  I had tried ordinary therapy (sitting and talking) but that had never resolved anything.
I think I had 13 sessions of hypno-analysis therapy in total, and I’m not going to lie, sometimes it was really hard – I would cry in the car on my way there and feel physically sick when I saw the chair I was to sit in.  All perfectly normal Richard would tell me – he listened and reassured me that I was safe and that whatever was said  within that room stayed there.
During the sessions it was important that I vocalised whatever I was thinking about – most of the thoughts which occurred to me were about sexual experiences I had had and felt some kind of embarrassment about.  Having to describe these experiences and how I felt about them was incredibly difficult but there was never any awkwardness with Richard – he is a complete professional.
I think it was around session 8 that we found the problem – I started to recall something that I had no conscious memory of and the emotions connected to it were huge – that session I left damp from sweating and exhausted from the emotional release.  For the next couple of sessions I would naturally revisit this memory and Richard would encourage me to talk about how I was feeling.
Very soon my mind put a lot of things in order and I reached a moment of clarity which really did have me saying “Oh my God, I now see why I have behaved the way I have and why things have been how they have”.
As an additional benefit I am no longer scared of the dark and my irrational fear of sharks in swimming pools has gone.  Sounds silly?  Amazingly I now understand why I have suffered with both of these phobias and can rationalise any fearful thoughts I have.
I still suffer from low self esteem, but the therapy and the additional sessions with Richard have well and truly given me the tools to improve this.  After years of thinking negatively about myself, I am successfully training myself to think positively and the results are amazing – I am a shinier, happier version of the old me.  I know see that I am in control of me and that is a very empowering thing.

So to sum up, this therapy has been one of the hardest, most intense but totally worthwhile and positive things I have ever done, and I don’t think I could have found anybody better than Richard to take me through it. 
Good luck!

Hypnotherapy abnd Cognitive Thererapy for Fear of Flying

Hi Richard, just thought i'd let u know that i've just landed at Luton.Did ok on flights, wouldn't say it's my fav mode of transport but would do it again...thnx very much...Alison..x

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